Insulated block construction

Discover all the services of installation of insulating formwork that we offer


The construction of a Polystyrene Houses for individuals is an integral part of our field of expertise and know-how


We build different types of commercial projects: condos, shopping malls, retirement homes


Management of projects for the construction of dedicated industrial buildings

Our numbers

  • 70% Energy Savings

  • 30% More soundproof than conventional construction

  • An STC coefficient of 50+

  • 3hrs of fire resistance

  • 100% Eco-Friendly

Our Construction Procedure

We manage your project from A to Z! Installation of building foundations, walls and roof. We guarantee repairs when needed but our products are of superior quality and are very resistant.

We work on many different types of projects:

  • House construction for individuals
  • Residential building construction
  • Commercial building construction
  • Industrial and institutional building construction
  • Self-build construction consultation
Polystyrene block house construction - Insulated formwork

Our Services

We offer all services related to the construction with polystyrene blocks. We build insulated interior walls, soundproofing for your ceiling, exterior wall insulation, concrete formwork and polystyrene walls etc.

Polystyrene Block Characteristics

The assembly of the construction blocks can be done quickly thanks to our partner's patented two-way system: the blocks can be assembled together in any direction!

Our polystyrene blocks are easy to cut out, which not only considerably limits the loss of material but also forms angles at 45 or 90 ° by adapting the cut to the desired shape.

Also, this system is known to make building sites less dangerous and less noisy for the neighborhood. The absence of wood materials ensures no deformation or cracks in the walls. It also avoids repairs during the first years.

In addition, the construction with our polystyrene blocks ensures that the surface of the house is straight and without unevenness.

Finally, IntegraSpec's ICF walls are designed to fit into any type of project, no matter how complex. Essentially, the system integrates easily into a construction project that includes other types of materials. Our expanded polystyrene insulated formwork system offers a wide variety of spacers: from 4 to 12 inches or up to 36 inches by combining multiple spacers.

IntegraSpec Rewards

Houses built with IntegraSpec materials are healthy, the air quality is such that our partner has already received many awards such as: "Environmental Excellence", "EnviroHome", "Healthy Homes" and "Built Green".

2 steps instead of 5

Steps for classic construction method

  • Foundation and structure
  • Superior insulation
  • Half-timbering or scaling
  • Installation of an air barrier and a vapor barrier
  • Substrate finish work

Steps for Insulated formwork construction

  • Expanded polystyrene block placement
  • Concrete pouring in between the panels