Insulated formwork: Advantages

Discover all the advantages for you of the construction with installation of insulating formwork.


Our walls, which combine concrete and steel, offer superior structure quality. They provide better protection against hurricanes, tornadoes and are resistant to fire for up to 3 hrs.

Thermal insulation

The combination of interior and exterior insulated blocks allows higher energy efficiency, while protecting your indoor temperature. Up to 70% energy savings!

Soundproof insulation

Our walls provide an STC rating of 50 or higher, one of the best sound insulation on the market.
It’s ideal for building shared housing or music studios.

Respect for the environment

By choosing our solution for theinstallation of your walls, we are committed to guaranteeing you the quality of materials, allowing a greater longevity of your construction.

Healthy Housingn

Our walls eliminate humidity and condensation that has a tendency to happen with time. We also don’t use any glue or chemical or noxious products.


By using our system, you go from 5 steps to only 1! Insulated formwork replaces the concrete blocks, foundations, wooden frame, insulation, air barrier and vapor barrier.