Insulation Company: Quebec

Find out who we are and why we work in the field of construction.

Jonathan Roy, the face of our company.

Expert in construction for over 20 years.

Insulated formwork, spin-off of the Jonathan Roy Construction Society, was naturally created once we realized the interest in insulated block construction. Our first objective, since the beginning, has been client satisfaction. We believe that the construction of houses, condominiums or industrial buildings with IntegraSpec® formwork is solution of the future, that is part of an eco-responsible approach.

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About our partner IntegraSpec®

IntegraSpec® products were created with the assistance of Mr. John Leggett, known to have contributed to the Toronto Skydome. The company has 75 years of experience in the construction industry.
Our partner's products are made in Canada and are of superior quality. We decided to work with IntegraSpec® products because they are not only local products but also efficient and extremely durable. This superior product allows faster construction than normal by reducing the overall workforce and the number of subcontractors.
IntegraSpec® products offer an exclusive formwork system with a wide variety of spacers that also act as internal vertical support.
Standard panels can be easily used for multiple uses such as 90-degree corners, 45-degree corners, brick supports, etc. with a minimum of losses.

Insulated formwork construction entrepreneur Quebec Insulated formwork construction entrepreneur Quebec